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Update FusionInventory agent through a deploy task

The basic problem with updating the agent through a deployment task is the agent will have to uninstall itself while in use, thus throwing some errors.

A good method to update the agent without errors is to create a scheduled task that will update the agent to it's latest version onboot.

Let's first create a fusioninventory SFX package containing both x64 and x86 versions, and that maybe used to install a new agent or update an existing one, regardless of the architecture.

You'll need the latest stable version of 7zSD SFX that you can get here. The file 7zSD.sfx needs to be ressource hacked so it will ask for UAC privileges when executed. You may find all necessary files (pre-ressource hacked) and scripts here.

Basically we'll create a SFX package containing the following three files: * fusioninventory-agent_windows-x86_x.yy.zz.exe * fusioninventory-agent_windows-x64_x.yy.zz.exe * install.cmd

The install.cmd script will contain all the necessary information to install / update a FusionInventory Agent (see below).

You'll have to create a 7zip archive of those three files with the following command (providing you already have 7z.exe):

..\7z a -r FUSIONINV.7z *.*

The archive has to be linked together with the SFX module and a SFX configuration file. We'll create a config file named sfx_config.txt and containing the following:

Title="Installation FusionInventory"

Then we can create the package with the following command:

copy /b 7zSD.sfx + sfx_config.txt + FUSIONINV.7z FUSIONINV.EXE