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How to install the development version on Unix platform

Installing Perl

Perl runtime

It should already be present on any Unix system.

Additional Perl modules

From a terminal, install the following additional modules using cpanplus shell (cpanp):

  • XML::TreePP
  • UNIVERSAL::require
  • File::Which
  • Text::Template
$ cpanp
CPAN Terminal> install XML::TreePP

Installing the agent

From an archive file

You can download latest git content as a .tar.gz file from github web interface.

From git repository

From a terminal, clone the repository using git client:

$ git clone git://
$ cd agent

Check the dependencies

$ perl Makefile.PL

You can use either, your OS packages, cpanp or cpanm to install the missing dependencies.

Running the agent

You can run the agent directly from extraction directory

[guillaume@beria agent.git]$ ./bin/fusioninventory-agent --stdout