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Solaris agent - OpenCSW

OpenCSW (Solaris agent) package does not work any more for fusioninventory_agent .. please, can you check this out.

I already use OpenCSW on my solaris_x86 servers (mostly virtual machines). But it seems like the OpenCSW is flagging that it is unable to pull down fusioninventory_agent from the cpan repos.

See an example session below:

bash-3.2# pkgutil -i CSWfusioninventory-agent Solving needed dependencies ... Package CSWfusioninventory-agent not in catalog. Exiting. bash-3.2# pkgutil -a fusioninventory common package catalog size

No exact matches found, doing fuzzy matching for first argument (fusioninventory) ... bash-3.2# ======================================== And from this OpenCSW web site:

See the uWatch section .. ==> Last Output: The server couldn't fulfill the request during retrieval of : Error code: 404

so, it seems it is probably a URL/URI typo that can easily be fixed ..