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The goal of the GLPI cron

GLPI has automatic actions like optimize database, alerts on end of contracts ... The plugin FusionInventory has own actions like:

  • taskscheduler used to prepare the tasks (network inventory, deployment...)
  • cleantaskjob used to clean logs of the tasks
  • cleannetworkportlogs used to clean the logs of ports (network equipments)
  • cleanoldagents used to execute the action defined in the configuration (clean after xx days, or change status after xx days)
  • wakeupAgents used to wake up the agents (for the tasks)

That's why, these actions must run often.

How to run the GLPI cron?

It's not complex, you need create a cron on your operating system run the GLPI cron.

For Linux, add in crontab:

* * * * * cd /var/www/glpi/front/ && /usr/bin/php cron.php &>/dev/null

For windows, create in Task Scheduler all 1 or 5 minutes:

"c:\path\to\php.exe c:\path\to\glpi\front\cron.php"