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How to inventory in DMZ

Ways to deal with inventories in DMZ...

Collect the inventories from DMZ agents

You can collect your DMZ inventories by using a limited script that get the POST request of the agents.

Download collect.php and copy it somewhere PHP is enabled. For example /var/www or /var/www/html.

Then, you can configure agents in DMZ machines this way:

fusioninventory-agent --server=http://server/collect.php

where "server" is the name of the computer to which you copied the script (collect.php).

The inventory files will be generated in /tmp. This is the default, you can adjust the $dumDir key at the begining of the script.

$dumpDir = '/tmp';

Import results with fusioninventory-injector

Once the xml inventory files are written, you can move them outside of the DMZ and finally import these files to GLPI using fusioninventory-injector.