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Get the archive for your GLPI

First, download archive:

FusionInventory for GLPI tarball name follow this convention:

  • fusioninventory-for-glpi_
  • GLPI major release (0.80, 0.83, 0.84, 0.85, etc)
  • a '+' symbol
  • FusionInventory release


  • 9.5+4.0

  • 10.0.0+1.0



Don't click on UNINSTALL link. If you do this, you will LOSE all FusionInventory data.

  • need first disable the FusionInventory plugin via GLPI web interface
  • move the plugins/fusioninventory folder out of the plugins/ folder. This ensures any deprecated files will be properly removed.


Please, do a backup of your database before install 😅

  • Uncompress the archive into the plugin folder of GLPI. File list looks like:
|- glpi
   |- plugins
      |- fusioninventory
         |- index.php
         |- hook.php
         |- inc
         |- ...

Upgrade procedure

Run these commands from console / terminal:

php bin/console glpi:plugin:install --username=glpi fusioninventory
php bin/console glpi:plugin:activate fusioninventory
for GLPI >= 9.5.0:
php bin/console glpi:migration:timestamps
for GLPI >= 10.0.0:
php bin/console glpi:migration:utf8mb4 
php bin/console glpi:migration:unsigned_keys

  • Connect to GLPI
  • Go in the menu Setup > Plugins
  • Update the plugin FusionInventory
  • Activate FusionInventory