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Deploy / self-service mode


This feature was added in version 9.1+1.0 of plugin FusionInventory for GLPI.

The goal is the technicians prepare packages to deploy, not deploy them but give possibility to end users to install themselves.


A technician create a Gimp package and the end user toto want install Gimp. He log in GLPI and select Gimp to install on his computer ;)

How to enable self-service of a package

You create a package.

  • In package form, you have an option Enable self-service in defining computer group: this option define a dynamic group of computers, so the computers where it can be installed.
  • In tab Targer for self-service, select who can install on his computer: define a profile, an entity, a user group or a user
  • In the profile (profiles of simplified interface only), there is a tab FusionInventory and you must select Self deploy package to read

User want install

When the user connect to GLPI, he must go in menu plugins > FusionInventory. He see the computer (or the computers) where he is user (see user field in computer form) and he can select the package(s) he want install on the computer.

If the user do this on his computer (browser connected to GLPI on his computer) and agent is in daemon mode, after click on button Prepare for install, the browser will force the agent to contact the server to install the package(s) now. So wait couple of seconds and it will be installed ;)