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How to translate FusionInventory

FusionInventory for GLPI can be translated directly on Transifex. You will need an account:

You can translate the website directly with a browser. It's also possible to work on your own copy of the website. You will just need a Git client to retrieve a copy of the website. For your information, Lokalize is a great tool to translate the .po files.

If you want us to enable another langage, please contact us and better through Translator mailing list.

Glossary for translators

Here you will find technical words to be translated or not. Register on the Mailing list for translators

  • FusionInventory For GLPI :
  • Plugin :
  • peer to peer :
  • Bug :
  • prebuilt :
  • Backend :
  • Benchmark :
  • net :
  • ip :