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Spec for load configuration from external place

Backend specific keys in agent.cfg

# LDAP information
ldap_uri = ldap://mcmic:389
ldap_base = dc=mcmic,dc=test
ldap_bind_dn = cn=admin,dc=mcmic,dc=test
ldap_bind_pwd = secret
ldap_ip =
  • Pros
    • ability to add new specific key easily
  • Cons
    • Not generic at all

Ext config in agent.cfg

Normalize config as : uri, login, password, and meta (which can be anything the backend needs)

As flat configuration keys

ext_config =
ext_config_login = anonymous
ext_config_password = anonymous
ext_config_meta = something

As a INI configuration section

uri =
login = anonymous
password = anonymous
meta = something
  • Pros
    • We could add a section for each config backend and at the beginning add a config=backend which would allow to keep several configuration and switch between them.

External configuration file

In this case we can use any var names in the external file

  • Pros
    • Different configurations are isolated in files
  • Cons
    • Still introduce some new specific keys

Gonéri : Unrelated, but it may be interesting to introduce an include=somefile.cfg directive.

Per conf backend (à la OTRS)

INI section are not used so far, we can introduce section name based on a class name.

  • Pros
    • Clean what so isolat specific values
  • Cons
    • hardly compatible with CLI