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Official download location

Where should we publish new files

This document is for FI developers

Please use the Get page to download new release.

Today different places are used to publish files. This situation is confusing. This document present what should be done in the futur.


The problems :

  • Stable release can be download from various location, this is confusing.
  • Development and package snapshot are publish at the same place.


We can use download.f.o or the forge.


  • pros
    • simple to manage
    • can be used by debian.f.o to
  • cons
    • no downlaod counters (so far)
    • need to define the file hierachie
    • yet another anonical download localisation


  • pros
    • already partially in use
  • cons
    • complexe to use with different packages IMO (Gonéri)