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Meeting (2015-02-18)


  • David Durieux
  • Guillaume Rousse

Development roadmap

Short term

Ensure the current agent version (2.3.x) works correctly with the GLPI plugin 0.85+1.0 (ie fix bug #2852)

Medium term

Ensure the next agent major version (2.4.x) is able to get rid of legacy prolog dialog with GLPI plugin 0.85+1.x, while still working with previous GLPI plugin release (including 0.85+1.0)

Agent behaviour

In order to establish the list of scheduled tasks, the agent should:

  • issue a getConfig request
  • decide if server answer is self-sufficient
  • if not, complete it with an additional prolog request

Server-side getConfig answer enhancement

The server answer for getConfig request:

  • should contains all scheduled tasks, not just ESX and Deploy tasks as it does with current release (0.85+1.0)
  • should contains something to make it identifable by the agent as self-sufficient, such as a version number
  • should not contain useless references to non-scheduled tasks (ie bug #2860)

Additional task-specific getJob answer specification

getJobs answer format for modules not using it should be specified:

  • inventory (including specific options, ie bug #2847)
  • netinventory
  • netdiscovery
  • wakeonlan

long term

Ensure the agent uses JSON and REST API exclusively, both for tasks scheduling and for task results submission.

  • task/job model should be consistent in specification and in user interface
  • modules result should be specified, taking advantage of format change to get rid of OCS format legacy, such as microsoft-specific nomenclature (drive, domain, etc...) and concepts confusion (such as network interface vs network addresses)